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The Science Behind Why Explainer Videos Work

In today's digital age, capturing attention and effectively communicating your brand's message is more important than ever. While text-based content remains valuable, there's a new king in town: explainer videos.  These short, engaging videos have exploded in popularity, and for good reason. But what is the secret sauce behind their success? Buckle up, because we're diving into the fascinating science of why explainer videos work!

The Power of Two Senses

Our brains are wired for a multi-sensory experience. Studies reveal a principle called "dual coding," which essentially states that information presented through both visual and auditory channels is retained significantly better than information delivered through just one.

Think about it. When someone explains something verbally, you might retain 10%. But when they combine their explanation with visuals like charts, diagrams, or animations, that retention rate skyrockets to a whopping 68%!  Explainer videos leverage this by marrying captivating visuals with clear audio narration, creating a powerful one-two punch for information retention.

Actionable Takeaway: Craft a clear and concise script for your explainer video that complements, not competes with, the visuals. This ensures a seamless flow of information through both auditory and visual channels.

Storytelling: The Art of Connecting

Humans are hardwired for stories. From cave paintings to Hollywood blockbusters, we've always been drawn to narratives.  Explainer videos that weave a story around your product or service tap into this innate human desire.

By creating a relatable character with a problem your product or service solves, you forge an emotional connection with viewers. This emotional connection fosters empathy and understanding, making them more receptive to your message.

Actionable Takeaway:  Don't just explain, tell a story! Consider crafting a narrative arc for your explainer video that resonates with your target audience.

Keeping it Simple

Our brains have a limited capacity for processing information at once. Cognitive load theory suggests that bombarding viewers with too much information can overwhelm them.  Explainer videos excel at simplifying complex ideas.

By breaking down information into bite-sized chunks, using clear visuals, and avoiding jargon, explainer videos minimize cognitive load. This allows viewers to focus on understanding your message rather than struggling to keep up.

Actionable Takeaway:  Keep your explainer video concise and to the point. Focus on the core benefits of your product or service, and avoid overwhelming viewers with technical details.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dual Coding: Leverage the power of sight and sound to boost information retention.

  • Storytelling: Craft a narrative that connects with your audience on an emotional level.

  • Cognitive Load Theory: Simplify complex ideas and avoid overwhelming viewers.

By harnessing the power of these scientific principles, explainer videos can become a cornerstone of your marketing strategy.

Ready to unlock the potential of explainer videos for your business?  We at FETCHED are experts in crafting compelling 2D explainer videos that will capture attention, boost sales, and elevate your brand. Book a free call with our explainer video specialists today to see how we can help. Let's turn your complex message into a captivating story that resonates with your audience.


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