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Auto-Outbound Blueprint

Generate 10 - 15 qualified sales leads weekly, guaranteed.


You will receive:

  • The same blueprint we use in-house and for our clients to generate 10 - 15 qualified sales leads on a weekly basis.

  • A 1-hour coaching call with us where we walk you through the Blueprint and assist you in getting the system launched.

  • A list of the 5 core tools and applications required to automate the generation of qualified sales leads.

  • A 8-page document breaking down the exact steps we take in order to build the email infrastructure, cleanse our database and deliver best in class messaging.

  • Automatic onboarding, once you pay, you will immediately receive the process document and have your coaching call scheduled, no delay.

What results can you expect?

Screenshot 2024-02-26 at 09.34.34.png
Screenshot 2024-02-26 at 09.35.00.png
Screenshot 2024-02-26 at 09.34.48.png


How much does it cost?

The Auto-Outbound Blueprint is £240 as a one-time payment for a limited period. The original price is set to be £480, but we have decided to open the doors at £240 for a limited window.

Is it complicated to set-up?

It is absolutely achievable, even for someone without a tech background or any knowledge of cold email infrastructure. That is the very reason why we provide you with an 8-page breakdown alongside a coaching call to ensure all bases are covered.

How quickly could I expect a return on my purchase?

Typically, clients start launching initial test messaging after 3 weeks where you may secure some early wins. With that said, we typically advise a 3 - 8 week period in which to ramp up your outreach efforts to then really start to expect results.

How does this differ from your 'done with you' service?

This Blueprint is designed for anyone who wants to go through the build and creation process themselves instead of having us build the entire Blueprint out on their behalf. Purchasing the Blueprint directly is more accessible commercially as you will be building out the system yourself.

Why do you focus on email?

Email is the most accessible and scaleable outreach channel in the world. Almost everyone has an email inbox and you can target your specific ideal clients like no other. As long as you have the right infrastructure, accurate data and best in class messaging, you can scale any company, offer or service infinitely. Email also works very well with automation, whereas many Social Media platforms that support outreach will often ban accounts when they start leveraging automation.

How much help with you actually be providing?

Each purchase comes with a 1-hour coaching call with one of our specialists to cover off any questions you have whilst equally helping you to launch successfully. With that said, there is an expectation for you to do your own research and take initiative wherever necessary to make the most of the Auto-Outbound System.

Do you offer refunds?

We are happy to offer a refund in full if you have gone through the entire process and sent your first 1,000 outreach messages without generating a minimum of 10 qualified sales leads.

Will I need to invest more money beyond what I am paying you?

There are a core 5 tools and applications that we request that you use when leveraging the Auto-Outbound System. As a part of that, you will need to sign-up for these services. Most of the tools come with free-trials included, so you shouldn't expect to need to make a notable financial investment during the initial period.

What if I need more help after the coaching call?

It is important to understand that this programme is a DIY programme and it is priced with that in mind. In general, the expectation would be that you leverage the documentation and guidance we provide via the coaching call to maximise your success. If you're completely stuck, you can always email us at and we will do our best to help and advise.

Do you provide any pre-written templates for messaging?

Instead of templates, we provide principles and guidance. If we provide templates, the reality is, everyone will then use the exact same messaging which will then cap your ability to be successful. We recommend you use the coaching session to cover off any unique thoughts or considerations when it comes to messaging.

Are there any industries this doesn't work for?

There are billions of people around the world that have access to email, as a result, this approach works for a large majority of industries and segments. With that said, the primary time we wouldn't advise going down this path is if you have an extremely niche total addressable market. For example, if the total amount of accessible contacts within your space is 100, then the economies of scale simply wouldn't make sense to warrant the investment.

What company sizes does this work for?

This can work for companies of any size, from 1 employee all of the way up to 10,000.

More questions?

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